Telco and Utilities

+15% in first time fix rates
+10% in service appointments completed per technician per day
-32% service appointment windows

Elevate technician productivity whilst optimizing cost per installation and improving SLAs

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Capture and manage prospects / sales leads

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Enable direct selling of services on online and offline channels

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Enhance your brand loyalty and value proposition with effective and seamless service offering

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Professionalize contractor acquisition and onboarding at scale

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Leverage data for contractor performance management

Sodtrack understands the complex challenges faced by telecommunications and utility companies in orchestrating field services to end consumers. Our innovative field service management software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to streamline service operations, from installation to maintenance and beyond. By centralizing all service interactions into one digital platform, we empower telco and utility providers to optimize technician schedules, gain real-time visibility into field activities, and automate manual tasks. Our technology not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures prompt and reliable service delivery, ultimately driving down costs and improving customer satisfaction.


"Sodtrack revolutionized our telco and utilities operations, providing us with real-time insights into our contractor network's performance. This enhanced visibility has allowed us to optimize resource allocation and deliver exceptional service to our customers."

- Operations Manager at a Telco Company

"Our experience with Sodtrack has been exceptional. The platform's robust features have enabled us to efficiently manage our contractor network, resulting in improved service quality and customer satisfaction."

- Service Delivery Director at a Utility Company

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