Sodtrack’s platform allows you to deliver faster, smarter and better service to end consumers

Our technology specializes in a specific job to be done: helping businesses across diverse industries sell, schedule, track and have greater control of the services provided by proprietary or third party contractors on their behalf.


Contractor networks


Retail & OEM's




Telco and Utilities


Property Management




Financial/Governmental Inst.



Capture and manage prospects / sales leads

Enable direct selling of services on online and offline channels

Launch / Complement marketplace models with value add in service offering

Enhance your brand loyalty and value proposition with effective and seamless service offering

Professionalize contractor acquisition and onboarding at scale

Optimize contractor coverage in your desired areas of operation

Leverage data for contractor performance management

Standardize and align your incident reporting with your customer service department

Realtime dashboards and alerts to enable continous improvement and process optimization

Leverage technology to eliminate the intricacies of scheduling making use of self management functionalities

Settle contractor payables & automate contractor payments

Centralize demand for all work/service orders on one platform

Mobile and desktop toolset for delivering service to customers

Optimize routing for individual technicians

Focus on executing jobs not scheduling and rescheduling agendas with analog tools

Track real execution times and optimize terms with companies outsourcing service execution

Review & approve jobs based on real evidence from standard workflows consolidated in one

Automate onboarding of qualified service providers and streamline pay-ins and pay-outs

Stay informed with realtime notifications along the journey

Schedule service appointments based on real time availability and preferrences

Purchase products plus associated services in a single instance and unified experience