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What is the Sodtrack mission?

Mission: to become the LATAM & US operating system for field services delivered to end consumers.

This includes all industries where delivering field services to end consumers is relevant such as home improvement, retail, healthcare, beauty, utilities, property management, etc.

It also includes generating technology and connecting all stakeholders in the service ecosystem for each industry such as the final customer, the contractor or employee, the company offering the services, the financial institutions providing financing options and others

What is the technology behind the Sodtrack product?

Our software is multi-tenant (independent productive and test environments for each client). The platforms we use for managing the servers are AWS and Google Cloud. All our front end development is built under the React framework while our back end is built under NestJS framework. All using Typescript as language.

We offer different frontend interfaces for clients including an Admin Web, Service Provider Web, Service Provider App, Network Web, and BI for reporting and KPI management. All our APIs ar well documented and ready for integration.

Our tech-stack follows a service oriented architecture making it highly scalable, reliable and modular to satisfy individual client needs. We are not a one size fits all solution but rather one that can be built based on the desired modules and functionalities to support each context

Can Sodtrack operate without integrations?

Yes it can. While we have an API and Integration first logic, Sodtrack’s technology solutions are independent and can be tested on their own.

What can Sodtrack integrate with?

Any software that the customer requires, our APIs and endpoints are well documented and built with an integration first logic. Typically we integrate with their e-commerce (VTEX or other) and then their fulfillment software, ERP, ticketing software.

How do you support companies that do not have contractor networks?

Sodtrack’s focus is purely technology, it does not manage supply directly. Companies that manage large sell-out volumes (products and services) represent an attractive opportunity for contractors, and thus it is easier (cheaper and quicker) for the enterprises to build their own networks. Sodtrack provides a couple of functionalities to support. Contractor onboarding module with embedded custom workflows for capability validation, best practices and experience acquiring gig economy supply, and access to other contractor networks operating through the Sodtrack Platform.