-15% Decrease in Average Travel Time Per Insurance Claim
+10% in Claims Processing Efficiency
+9% Increase in Turnaround Time After Customer FNOL

Optimize claim management and response process delivering consistent customer experiences

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Capture and manage prospects / sales leads

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Enable direct selling of services on online and offline channels

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Enhance your brand loyalty and value proposition with effective and seamless service offering

Insurance companies face the challenge of efficiently managing and responding to policyholder claims while ensuring consistent and seamless service experiences. Sodtrack's offers a robust and specialized solution to streamline claims orchestration and enhance customer satisfaction. By centralizing service interactions—from scheduling field inspections to coordinating contractors and technicians—our software optimizes workflows, accelerates response times, and provides real-time visibility into claim status. This enables insurance providers to deliver prompt and reliable service experiences, ultimately improving customer retention and loyalty.


"Sodtrack has been a game-changer for our insurance operations. The platform's comprehensive features have allowed us to streamline our claims processing and contractor management, resulting in faster resolution times and improved customer satisfaction."

- Claims Manager at an Insurance Company

"With Sodtrack, we've enhanced our claims management processes, from assigning tasks to tracking contractor performance. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust reporting tools have empowered our team to deliver exceptional service to our policyholders."

- Operations Director at an Insurance Firm

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