Contractor networks

-30% Invoicing processing time
+40% 1st time fix rates
+15% Technician productivity

Optimize contractor networks with Sodtrack's cutting-edge technology for superior service delivery

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Capture and manage prospects / sales leads

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Enable direct selling of services on online and offline channels

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Enhance your brand loyalty and value proposition with effective and seamless service offering

In the dynamic realm of contractor networks, establishing and maintaining a robust service ecosystem is paramount for delivering exceptional customer experiences. Today's consumers expect seamless service delivery, whether it's for installations, repairs, or maintenance. Building trust and reliability through proficient contractor management not only enhances customer satisfaction but also strengthens brand reputation. Sodtrack provides an advanced software solution designed to streamline contractor network operations, ensuring efficient assignment, tracking, and performance management. With Sodtrack, contractor networks can elevate their service standards, delivering unparalleled value to clients while optimizing resource utilization and operational efficiency.


"Sodtrack transformed our contractor network management, allowing us to seamlessly integrate services into our operations. This integration led to a significant reduction in service-related inquiries and improved operational efficiency."

- Operations Director at a Large Contractor Network

"With Sodtrack, we streamlined our contractor operations, eliminating manual processes and enhancing overall efficiency. The platform's automation capabilities have revolutionized how we manage our network, leading to substantial time and cost savings."

- Logistics and Operations Manager

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